Friday, April 23, 2010

NFL Draft and Vikings Thoughts

The NFL Draft is over. Some interesting things happened for the Vikings and the NFL for that matter. I will not talk anymore about Tim Tebow because I do not think he is worth mentioning. On the day of the draft, mocks had the Vikings taking a number of players at the number 30 pick. They ended up trading it to the Detroit Lions and moving back 4 spots to 34th overall (round 2). What does that mean?

Number 1: With Jimmy Clausen still on the board at 30 and the Vikings not taking him, Minnesota is very confident that 40 year old Brett Favre will return for the final year of his contract.

Number 2: Rick Spielman and Brad Childress though that Tavaris Jackson was a better long term fit for the Vikings then Clausen

Number 3: The Vikings may think that the 2011 QB crop has better talent then Clausen and Colt McCoy.

Number 4: Their guy was Patrick Robinson, CB from Florida State. He was swiped up at 32 by the Saints. We can say the Saints got the best of Minnesota again.

At 34: The following guys will be on the board, of course Clausen, All American Safety Taylor Mays from USC, Virginia stand out CB Chris Cook, Texas linebacker Sergio Kindle, and Texas QB Colt McCoy. Vikings said they are spotting 4 guys right now for the 34th pick, I can guarantee and Mays and Cook are 2 of them. But with some teams now salivating that they can get Jimmy Clausen in the second round, some teams might be willing to overpay to move up to 33 and 34. I think the Vikings are playing it well, not saying anything. Maybe some team like Buffalo or Kansas City will come up tonight and offer their second rounder this year and another solid pick and the Vikings can continue to add depth to their team through the draft.

Last night I wanted Clausen. If they took Clausen tonight I will be happy. If they do not take him, I will not be angry because this team is in a better position to win in 2010 with Favre then 2011 with Clausen. So lets keep building up a super team to compete with New Orleans, Dallas, Indianapolis, and the NY Jets who all got better yesterday.

If I am the Vikings I trade back again. Their guy should be the corner back from Virginia by the name of Chris Cook. Cook is 6 feet 2 and 210 pounds. He ran the second fastest time at the combine for a corner back at 4.44 seconds. The Vikings have major question marks in the secondary with Cedric Griffin probably missing the first month or 2 recovering from knee surgery and Antoine Winfield continuing to age. The picked up former pro bowl corner Lito Sheopard. I love this move. If they take Cook, they will have a guy who had first round talent. Academic and injury problems kept Cook off the field his first couple years at school but when he played he was special. If it does not work out for Cook, he also has the skills to move to safety.

By acquiring some more picks, the Vikings will be able to move up from their additional second round pick, which I believe is 62nd overall. If they move up from their they could be in position to take a running back which will be the eventual replacement for Chester Taylor. This is a 2 back league now, Adrian Peterson needs help so he can prolong his career and not end up like Ladanian Tomlinson who was only good for 7 years. Peterson is going into his 4th. The two guys who would be perfect fits are Dexter McCluster of Ole Miss and Joe McNight of USC. Both are great pass catchers and dynamic talents on the field. McCluster might end up being a better version of Darren Sproles and McNight was always refereed to as Reggie Bush Jr.

If the Vikings can leave day 2 of the draft, where the Vikings have 3 picks as of now, with either a safety, running back, and a corner then the draft will be a success.

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