Friday, March 19, 2010

News, Notes and Thoughts 3/19

Good morning Twins Territory. There are a couple things I want to go over before the weekend.

To start, Joe Nathan will play catch either Saturday or Sunday. This will probably be the end of his season because I do not see how he can be superman and strengthen the muscles around his elbow in just a week and a half. There was a report in USA today that Nathan had a 90% tear in his UCL which could not be more false. If he had that big of a tear he would not be able to pick up a spoon with out being in pain. The truth is it is in the range of 25% to 35% tear. That is why he think he will be able to throw. I just want to go out and say I have no problem with Joe Nathan giving this a chance. He has been one of the 3 best closers in all of baseball with Jonathan Papelbon and Mariano Rivera since he arrived in Minnesota. He has earned the right to play catch. Two weeks does not make a difference in the Twins plans. They are obviously preparing for the worst since they got the news. But I am not confident it will go well so I am hopeful the Twins make a move to be the closer. I am not ready for Matt Guerrier or John Rauch to be that guy.

Jack Steal of was told by a source that the Twins had interest in acquiring LHP George Sherrill from the Dodgers for a package that would include Alexi Casilla and Glen Perkins. It that is the case I hope the Twins get it done. If there is something I learned from last year, it is you can never have too much pitching. And if that means we go into the season with 3 closer, (Sherrill, Nathan and Bell) I do not care. That will just make the Twins look so that better. Hah!

Speaking of Heath Bell there is another report coming from USA Today this morning that the Twins have been extensively scouting a trade with San Diego for All Star closer Heath Bell. I just want to put it out there that I really like Heath Bell. I do not care that he is 32 years old. He was ready to be the closer for 2 or 3 years waiting behind Trevor Hoffman. Finally when he got the chance he was great. He posted 42 saves and an ERA 2.71. He K/9 ratio is 10.2. He is durable after throwing 69.2 innings in 2009. Speaking of a pitcher this good, you would have to expect to give up a good prospect in return. And they should. I have already said before that there are only 3, maybe 4 untouchables in the Twins system. Those being Miguel Sano, Aaron Hicks and Kyle Gibson. The only wild card that I am iffy about is catcher Wilson Ramos due to Mauer really pissing me off as of late.

You might question why I have not said Ben Revere. That is because I would trade Ben Revere to San Diego for Heath Bell. ESPECIALLY if they took Glen Perkins too. If any team in the majors is dumb enough to take Glen off our hands we have to reward them. You have to give up stuff to get stuff and Ben Revere who is 18 months or 2 years away from the majors is defintiely worth an All Star closer to give the Twins a chance to win a playoff series.

I will be posting 2 prospects today because I will not be around Saturday.

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  1. yeah well, according to MLBTR, they want Hicks, Revere and Angel Morales.

    Not bloody likely.

  2. I think you are misreading. It says Hicks, Revere, OR Moreles. Not AND.