Monday, March 29, 2010

Prospect #7 David Bromberg

Starting RHP
Drafted : 32nd Round 2005 from Santa Anna College, California
Levels Played in 2009: A+ Fort Myers
Opening Day Age: 22

I still do not know whether to think that David Bromberg is an over rated or under rated prospect. The big right hander has definitely had enough success at the professional level to think that he should be raising a few more eyebrows then just the ones in Minnesota but that has been the case so far.

Why is David Bromberg under rated? Well as you can see above David Bromberg was selected as a draft and follow with the 975th pick overall! And in addition to that he was inked up for just $40,000 dollars. It is already a win-win deal for the Twins because they have already gotten every penny out of Bromberg in his short career. In 4 years at 4 levels Bromberg has been great. He has held 3 league strikeout titles in the Appalachian League, Midwest League and Florida State League. He was an All Star in those three leagues as well. He was named pitcher of the year in the Appalachian League as a 19 year old and also in the Florida State League as a 21 year old. In 2009 the Twins named him the organization's Minor League pitcher of the year. In 4 years Bromberg has been a horse pitching a total of 412 innings with a 3.34 ERA. Bromberg has a very respectable career BAA of .237 as well as 437 strikeouts (9.55 K/9). From looking at that, what is their not to like.

Why is David Bromberg over rated? Scouts are definitely smarter then we give them credit for. Bromberg has never appeared on any top 100 prospect list to my knowledge. With all of Bromberg's success he still has shown some struggles. Bromberg does have an issue to not be able to repeat his delivery which gives him high walk totals at times. His command is shaky at times which gives him the following walk totals over the past 4 years; 2006 (3.9 BB/9) 2007 (4.96 BB/9) 2008 (3.24 BB/9) 2009 (3.70 BB/9). Although Bromberg has been the number 1 starter at every level he has been at, most scouts still consider him a back of the rotation guy. This is due to he does not have 1 true plus pitch.

I personally think a little more highly of David Bromberg then others do. The best part of it is that he can improve. Right now Bromberg is 6 feet 5 and 241 pounds. He throws 2 different fastballs, a 2 seamer that is 90 to 92 MPH with good movement and a 4 seam that he can run 94 to 95. He also has an at times plus curve ball. But because he sometimes has trouble repeating his delivery is appears to slurve at times. He also has a show me change up to keep batters off pace. Bromberg is a big kid, but not a great athlete. Moving forward he will have to get in better shape to repeat his delivery and last for 200 innings. He is close to that now, after back to back seasons of 150+ innings. Bromberg will begin 2010 as either the number 1 or 2 starter for AA New Britain. With another great year he could possibly compete for the opening day rotation in 2011.

ETA: I personally think he and Kyle Gibson will compete for the 5 spot in 2011.
Projection: Bulldog in the middle of the rotation.
MLB Comparison: Kevin Millwood

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